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    1-2 days

    Gagauz Autonomous Territorial Unit in Moldova

    The program of the tour in Gagauzia : Departure to the south of Moldova. The first point will be the capital of Gagauzia – Comrat. City tour (pedestrian ), central market (bazar),visit to the History Museum. The main of the exhibit halls is totally devoted to the history and culture of

    Gagauz – a scarce Turkic people confessing Christianity and living in the southern part of Moldova. Continue for Chirsova village – famous for the Wine factory founded in 1879.

    Besalma village located in a picturesque place with a beautiful landscape and chain of lakes. In Beshalma there is a valuable Museum of Ethnography featuring the Unique Orthodox people of Turkish- Gagauzian origin .

    Congaz – the largest village in Moldova,population - 14000

    Copceac village famous for its unique soviet collective farm - kolhoz founded in 1947. It is the only Kolhoz survived after the collapse of USSR. We will have special lunch at the local canteen.

    On the way back ,  Tomai – a winemaking region in Gagauzia, ( vineyards, famous for its rich combined sandy and clay soils). Visit to the Wine making enterprise located in the village Tomai ),

    Return to Chisinau.



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