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First, as an overview, it was wonderful! The organization was thorough and everything worked according to plan. The mix of touring, meeting people and excursions was perfect for us. And most importantly, the itinerary blended us getting to know deep history, recent history and current issues. This provided context for us to get to know the region in a somewhat deeper way than any other tour I have been on. I appreciate you allowing us the walking versions of these tours too. The guide Natalias was fantastic and and we liked our driver. They were professional, helpful,
knowledgeable and kind. Natalia was able to give us balanced perspectives of what Moldova is dealing with today.

The countryside of Moldova was truly lovely. And it was nice to spend some time out of the cities and in the villages. And what a unique experience to hear the views from a monk who lives alone in cave monastery in Old Orhei. The highlight of our time in Moldova was our day trip to Transnistria.
It was an important view that provided great insights into the complexities of the region. And hotel choice was great (Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel).
We enjoy this wonderful part of the world. Thank you !
Date of Posting: 14 July 2016
Posted By: Diane
My trip to Moldova was great. And excellent feedback for the guide Zaharia.
She was one of the best guides that I had ever had ! Thank you !
Date of Posting: 05 July 2016
Posted By: Douglas F.
Мне очень понравилась поездка в Израиль. Я давно собирался на святую землю Исуса Христа но всё не было возможности, но благодаря My Planet Tour я получил удивительные впечатлениями об этой удивительной стране, обязательно поеду ещё раз, спасибо вам.

Гостиница "Кикар" находится в небольшом туристическом городке "Нетания" до моря минут 5 ходьбы, гостиница не плохая очевидно очень новая хоть мы и заселялись когда у них ещё был ремонт в столовой, по этому мы ходили на завтрак в ресторан а вечером ходили в ближайший "русский магазин" где можно купить не дорого еды на вечер например: кефир,хлеб и молоко. Персонал в гостинице очень дружелюбный, говорят на русском, обращайтесь они вам всегда помогут.
Date of Posting: 17 June 2016
Posted By: Александр Колтенюк
29 лет, Торонто, Онтарио Канада
Dear Natalia,

Thank you so much for making my trip to Moldova so interesting, memorable.

Excursions: Variety demonstrating the historical ,cultural and current aspects of life in Moldova.
All of them a must for people visiting this country.

Guide: Natasha. What a wonderful match for me ! was professional in presentation yet personal in relating the events.
Responsive to my requests, natural with people. Her ablity to succiently share all of her countrie's history,visit the sites,
experience the culture and make it look easy are some of thetraits I came to admire in her.

Driver: drove in a safe manner,gracious in his greetings,appeared prepared to work Natasha in executing the tours deemed
most appropriate for us.

Accommodation: Met my needs. Loved the location. Would stay at Flowers hotel again. Staff awesome. Great atmosphere.
Date of Posting: 12 June 2016
Posted By: Melanie F.
Thank you for showing us the place where Pushkin lived in MOLDOVA! Everything was great!!!As you know we're planning to visit Odessa with your company, hope evertyhing will be cool!
Date of Posting: 18 May 2016
Posted By: Katy
21 y.o., Beijing, China
Organizarea excursiilor la cel mai inalt nivel!
Date of Posting: 03 May 2015
Posted By: Silva

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